Countdown to the cruise is on…

It’s been a while since I posted anything but it’s now 10 months to go before a friend and I are headed New Zealand bound on our round trip cruise.

We booked the cruise back in May 2016 and now wonder in February 2017, “Where did that time go? ” as the time has quickly passed by.

One of the things my friend and I did recently was to get on the Princess Cruises site and take a look at the shore excursions available. We can’t book them yet, not for another few months but it didn’t stop me from taking screen shots on my tablet of the shore excursions we were interested in. We also took a look at the drinks packages available as well.

Still have a ton of things to do before we go away, like getting a passport but it will be done.

Also have downloaded travel guides for New Zealand, especially the ports we will be visiting while on the cruise in case my friend and I want to do our own thing while on land. It’s good to have options I think.

As each month passes, the excitement rises but this being a first cruise for my friend and I, it’s all about learning from others about everything cruise related and their experiences which adds to the excitement, I think.

Another exciting thing is that the cruise starts and ends at my home port, so don’t have to fly anywhere. Bonus.

Here’s to the good part of looking forward to the going away to another part of the world on a cruise ship.

Let the good times roll and keep on building up the excitement.

If you have any cruise tips, be glad to hear them.

Until next time



I am Sailing on a Cruise…

Recently a friend and I booked to go on a cruise. It’s the first time either of us has ever been on one, so this should be a fun experience.

I’m calling this cruise the “Go hard or stay home” cruise, as it will be 17 nights on the Golden Princess sailing on its first voyage on an Adelaide, South Australia to New Zealand round trip going in January 2018.

Do first time cruisers do 17 night cruises, or do they normally do shorter ones to determine whether they like cruises or not?

Since it is also my first time out of the country, I have to get a passport as well.

I’ll be posting updates on the lead up to the cruise and when I can, I’ll be blogging while on the cruise as well.

Until next time