🎵The Love Boat…🎵

I was looking online earlier at different websites and reading about things that a first time cruiser should know when I came across an article that compared TV’s “The Love Boat” to cruising today. It made my mind take a trip down memory lane.

Yes, I am an age where I do remember the TV series “The Love Boat” and the fun of the show. I also loved the guest stars who would appear in each episode, a lot of them I knew but there were, of course, those I didn’t have a clue about. I also loved watching Captain Stubing, Vicky, Julie, Doc, Gopher and Isaac and their romances and adventures during the episodes.

It also made me wonder if people compare the real thing of being on a cruise to what they had seen on “The Love Boat”? Some thoughts would be funny and amusing, I would think!

So in January 2018, if you see someone singing “The Love Boat” theme as they board a ship, yes the ship I’m going on is a Princess ship, that’ll probably be me! lol

Until next time



Life Lessons…

Just thought I’d share a few lessons about life I’ve learned throughout the years…

Smile and laugh often

No matter how bad you think your life is, there’s always someone who is worse off than you

Let the inner child come out to play often. Just because we grow old, it doesn’t mean that we have to grow up

Your true friends will not badmouth you or tell lies about you to other people. If they do, they’re not your friends to begin with

Maintain your sense of humour. It will help you to retain your sanity in life

Respect others, you don’t have to agree with them, or even like them

Take responsibility for your actions and accept accountability for all you do in life

Always take the time to learn new things in life

It’s perfectly okay to say no. Don’t feel guilty about saying it

Tell the people in your life that you love them. We don’t tell them often enough. (I need to work on this one myself)

Be yourself

When life gets on top of you, if you’re overworked, or feeling stressed, whatever the situation, dance it out. A good 30 second dance party works wonders

Listen to your body and what it is telling you. If you are in tune with your body, you’ll be more aware when something isn’t right

Give to others without expecting anything in return

Don’t be afraid to speak up and let your opinions be heard

If at first you don’t succeed, try again

All work and no play makes for a boring existence

Speak to elderly people when the opportunity arises. They have much history and knowledge and we can learn a lot from them

Don’t worry about the things you have no control over. Whatever is going to happen will happen and worrying about them will not help, so just go with it

Treat others how you would like to be treated

Enjoy the simple pleasures in life

It doesn’t matter if you are a bad singer, sing away and enjoy yourself

An afternoon nap works wonders for the mind, body and soul

Try to have a positive outlook in life. Negativity does more harm than good

Your true friends will always have your back no matter what

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, it’s then you find out you haven’t

A hug can say so much when there are no words

Be thankful for everything in life you have, there are those in the world who would give anything to have what you have

Don’t wish to have the life of someone else, you don’t know what possible struggles they have to deal with or what their life is like

Life isn’t fair all the time, however, it’s still good

Life’s too short for hating people. We all need to get along with one another

Don’t take yourself too seriously

You don’t have to win every argument, it’s okay to just agree to disagree

It doesn’t matter what age you are, you’re never to old to play with Lego!

Simple pleasures in life, are often the best

Until next time Kaye

Australian Elections 2016…

On 2nd July 2016, Australia will be heading for the polling booths and voting for a new Prime Minister to be running the country. For this upcoming election, I really do not know who to vote for (I only vote for either of the main two parties as with the smaller parties and the Independent politicians their votes will go as preferences to either of the two main parties) as there is no stand out person or party I want to vote for and I hate that.  What I want is there to be a stand out person who has the heart of the country and the people in mind and a person who wants to lead the country the right way and not someone who is just looking to protect the perks they will receive with doing the job and afterwards, or someone who is only self-serving.

I want there to be a clear winner between the major parties, the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party and not have the Independents winning the majority of seats in Parliament because they only have in mind their own political interests with those smaller groups they want to help and not what the major parties interests are for the country as a whole.  The last two elections, Australia has had a hung Parliament with Independents winning a big margin of seats in government and as a result, the major parties have been unable to achieve what they wanted to do and be able to demonstrate how they would have run the country if they had a majority of seats in Parliament because the Independents haven’t allowed them to, so the major parties in office in effect, have had their hands tied by the Independents being in Parliament. I’m also over the “musical chair Prime Ministers” Australia has had between elections over the last 8 years as it doesn’t look good when the whole world sees a country who can’t get their act together and actually have a Prime Minister in office for the whole term and not just for a part of it because they are voted out by their own party when they have lost confidence in the person they themselves chose to be the representative of their own party to lead it in the first place.

I would like to have a government that spends more on health care, hospitals, the aged, education, our emergency services, the disabled, pensions, child welfare and the disadvantaged, rather than cutting funding to those much needed areas. I would like to see people of the same sex being able to get legally married and to not be treated like second class citizens. I would really love to see politicians put on a minimum wage and then watch how fast things would change.

I’m tired of all the Liberal and Labor Party bitching, who has been the worst political party since the last election and the general mudslinging that comes in the advertising during the elections. What I want is reasons to vote for a particular party, I want facts and promises that won’t be broken as soon as a particular party gets into government. I want to be able to make an informed decision of which party is the right party in my mind to elect before I put that pencil to paper in the polling booth and before I put those pieces of paper into the boxes on my way out of the polling booth tomorrow. I want to feel as though my vote counts towards the future of this country and making it an even better place to live, considering that in Australia, we are lucky to be able to have the opportunity to vote freely for who we want to when other countries in the world don’t get that opportunity to do so.

And so, I am brought back to the start of my post… I really don’t know who I want to vote for…

Until next time


Cruise update number 1…

The 588 days until a friend and I go on our cruise feels like it’s going to be a long way away but the month when we first booked the cruise with the travel consultant has flown by quickly.

We are going on the Golden Princess from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, (you know that big island in the southern hemisphere) to New Zealand and back to Adelaide again for an historic round trip cruise, since it will be the first time the Golden Princess has gone from Adelaide to New Zealand.

The cruise departs 8 January 2018 for 17 nights and returns on 25 January 2018 with stops at various ports on both the south and north islands in New Zealand.

I’m looking forward to life on the ship and the visits to the different ports of call. The meeting of people who will be on the cruise as well.

There is so much to do before we leave on our cruise too, like pay for the cruise – doing that by monthly instalments to the travel consultant, organise a birth certificate – I have an extract but that’s not acceptable, organise a passport – first time out of the country, travel insurance. Then there’s what to pack? What’s required to take when you go on a cruise? What do you leave home? What things do people going on a cruise for the first time need to know before you go? All that is part of the fun to the lead up to going but it does make you wonder and ponder those questions, right?

If you have any tips or advice, leave them in the comments below.

All in all, the next 18 months will fly by if the last month is anything to go by.

Until next time


Getting some cooking on…

It’s Nigella Lawson week all this week on Master Chef Australia and I’m loving it!

I have always enjoy Nigella’s cooking style and the food she cooks, it’s relaxed, it’s fun and it’s food you want to try to cook yourself whenever you watch her on tv (not that she’s doing any cooking this week but rather watching and offering advice to the contestants on Master Chef Australia, all of who are home cooks hoping to make cooking their future career in owning their own restaurants, cafe’s, pubs, whatever).

The contestants are enjoying having her around and learning what they can from her as she is a home cook herself and not a trained chef. You can also tell that when she gives her advice that she takes the point of view of the person who will be eating their dishes (which she does as a judge) and offers constructive feedback to the contestants.

I also like the fact that Nigella is honest when tasting the food created by the contestants and when she’s giving them tips or advice. She is not negative but always positive with what she says.

All I can say is well played Master Chef Australia, well played. Having Nigella on the show is a big hit!

Until next time


Winter Favourites…

Remember when in the musical, “The Sound of Music”, when Julie Andrews, AKA Maria Von Trapp, starts singing about her favourite things with all the kids in the bedroom as a thunderstorm is going on outside? Well, here is my list of my favourite things about Winter, as Winter here in Australia starts on the 1st of June and I thought I would share.

I enjoy Winter better than the hot Summer months as for me it’s easier to get warm than it is to get cool.

So on with my favourite things about Winter…

Having soups and stews
The rain on the corrugated iron roof
Knitted scarves and gloves
Warm clothes
Watching the rain fall while all warm indoors
An open fireplace
Laying in a warm bed
Watching TV on a sofa with a blanket on
Jumping in puddles
Writing things on a frosted up window
Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows
Bon fires
Going to an Australian Rules Football game
Going into the Adelaide Hills and watching the water flow through the streams
Wearing flannelette pajamas
Ugg Boots/slippers
Hot showers
Watching DVD’s on a cold day
Lazy days
Green grass (it’s brown or there’s just dirt in Summer)
Going to a country pub that has an open fireplace for a meal
Porridge with honey on top
Sleeping in on a cold morning
No Summer heat!
(Our Summers can reach well over 40°C or 100F degrees)

These are a few of my favourite Winter things.

What are yours?

Until next time


Cooking 101…

Here I am watching TV, or more to the point, watching Nigella Lawson week on Master Chef Australia.

Say what you like about the lady but she really knows how to cook and she is a real inspiration to the contestants, all of whom are home cooks.

Nigella is so down to earth she doesn’t put on airs and graces and she’s full of advice for the contestants. She’s also great at putting them at ease in her presence, with her being a well known person and all.

So happy that Nigella Lawson is on Master Chef Australia this week because even those of us at home can learn something from watching the show this week.

I also enjoy how she says positive things to the contestants, even when their food isn’t as good as it should be because they got the flavours off or they ran out of time with the challenges.

All I can say is, this week’s Master Chef Australia is going to be mouth watering delicious!

Until next time