Getting some cooking on…

It’s Nigella Lawson week all this week on Master Chef Australia and I’m loving it!

I have always enjoy Nigella’s cooking style and the food she cooks, it’s relaxed, it’s fun and it’s food you want to try to cook yourself whenever you watch her on tv (not that she’s doing any cooking this week but rather watching and offering advice to the contestants on Master Chef Australia, all of who are home cooks hoping to make cooking their future career in owning their own restaurants, cafe’s, pubs, whatever).

The contestants are enjoying having her around and learning what they can from her as she is a home cook herself and not a trained chef. You can also tell that when she gives her advice that she takes the point of view of the person who will be eating their dishes (which she does as a judge) and offers constructive feedback to the contestants.

I also like the fact that Nigella is honest when tasting the food created by the contestants and when she’s giving them tips or advice. She is not negative but always positive with what she says.

All I can say is well played Master Chef Australia, well played. Having Nigella on the show is a big hit!

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Cooking 101…

Here I am watching TV, or more to the point, watching Nigella Lawson week on Master Chef Australia.

Say what you like about the lady but she really knows how to cook and she is a real inspiration to the contestants, all of whom are home cooks.

Nigella is so down to earth she doesn’t put on airs and graces and she’s full of advice for the contestants. She’s also great at putting them at ease in her presence, with her being a well known person and all.

So happy that Nigella Lawson is on Master Chef Australia this week because even those of us at home can learn something from watching the show this week.

I also enjoy how she says positive things to the contestants, even when their food isn’t as good as it should be because they got the flavours off or they ran out of time with the challenges.

All I can say is, this week’s Master Chef Australia is going to be mouth watering delicious!

Until next time