Winter Favourites…

Remember when in the musical, “The Sound of Music”, when Julie Andrews, AKA Maria Von Trapp, starts singing about her favourite things with all the kids in the bedroom as a thunderstorm is going on outside? Well, here is my list of my favourite things about Winter, as Winter here in Australia starts on the 1st of June and I thought I would share.

I enjoy Winter better than the hot Summer months as for me it’s easier to get warm than it is to get cool.

So on with my favourite things about Winter…

Having soups and stews
The rain on the corrugated iron roof
Knitted scarves and gloves
Warm clothes
Watching the rain fall while all warm indoors
An open fireplace
Laying in a warm bed
Watching TV on a sofa with a blanket on
Jumping in puddles
Writing things on a frosted up window
Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows
Bon fires
Going to an Australian Rules Football game
Going into the Adelaide Hills and watching the water flow through the streams
Wearing flannelette pajamas
Ugg Boots/slippers
Hot showers
Watching DVD’s on a cold day
Lazy days
Green grass (it’s brown or there’s just dirt in Summer)
Going to a country pub that has an open fireplace for a meal
Porridge with honey on top
Sleeping in on a cold morning
No Summer heat!
(Our Summers can reach well over 40°C or 100F degrees)

These are a few of my favourite Winter things.

What are yours?

Until next time



My First Post…

Hello, welcome to my new blog page. I like to think of writing a blog as talking to yourself but only more fun and cheaper than seeing a shrink or doing some retail therapy.

As people hopefully find this blog and read it, I hope there is something here for everyone to read and respond to.

My writing style is relaxed and casual, like I am talking to a friend over a cup of coffee with a lot of humour thrown in.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the posts I write in this blog.

Welcome to the thoughts that come into my mind.

Until next time