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How to fall in love with cruising…

On 8 January 2018 I went on my first ever cruise. I had been interested in going on a cruise for ages, years in fact, when I found out about a cruise going from Adelaide, South Australia to New Zealand and return from a friend and it got me excited about going on this cruise that was leaving from my home port! What the added bonus was to the cruise was there would be no plane flights, no hotel stays interstate, equals a bonus! When I spoke to another friend about it, they were in on it too, so we booked, paid the deposit and bingo, cruise here we come! Not only was it my first cruise, it was the first time that the Golden Princess was going from my home port to New Zealand, so for the both of us, it was a first.

The ship, the Golden Princess is beautiful and I instantly fell in love with the her but what was there not to love? She was going to be our home for the next 17 nights. The ship is easy for people to find their way around without too much trouble. The crew were wonderful, friendly, courteous, welcoming and they have a great sense of humour. Nothing was too hard for them and they made sure that the passengers have a wonderful time onboard.

The activities organised by the Cruise Director’s Team were varied so that there was something for everyone and if you missed something the first time around because you were busy doing something else on the day, there was opportunity if the activity was a popular one to be repeated later in the cruise. The cruise director team we had on the ship, kept us highly entertained with their humour and their love of fun. They knew how to tickle my funny bone!

My friend and I were in cabin, A257 on the Aloha Deck which has the aft elevators and stairs nearby and the cabin itself has cabins both underneath and up on the upper Lido Deck as well so you’re not near the public areas of the ship. Getting to places on the ship from the cabin is easy too. Some places are easier to walk to than others though. Since my friend and I spent a lot of time on the pool deck and in the Horizon Court Buffet on Deck 14, our cabin on Deck 12 was conveniently located for us.

During the cruise we only went to our dining room once, as we were assigned to the Caneletto Dining Room on Deck 6 right at the back of the ship and eating in the dining room wasn’t really our thing, so our meals were eaten in the Horizon Court Buffet, Prego’s Pizzeria or from the Trident Grill on the Lido Deck as we preferred the relaxed atmosphere over the Dining Room. There was always a good selection of food to choose from in the buffet and more choice.

On the cruise, we didn’t have shore excursions planned or booked but did our own thing in the ports we visited in New Zealand. I do recommend the hop on, hop off buses in Auckland though as you get to see around Auckland. We also went to the Cadbury chocolate shop in Dunedin and luckily for us, the crew who have to do their emergency crew training every 14 days, it was their day to do the emergency crew training. When it comes to visiting the chocolate shop in Dunedin, the crew go there with their large suitcases and buy up big! True story. I also recommend the historic train station in Dunedin as well. Dusky Sound and Milford Sound is a must see on a cruise… the views are out of this world! For shopaholics, there’s the town of Wellington which is a shoppers paradise! Just remember to not spend all your money!

For a good feed of fish and chips, or as the New Zealanders call them, fush and chups, Akaroa and Dunedin are two towns to visit. I found my feed of fish and chips in Dunedin at Best Cafe on Stuart Street which is between the Cadbury chocolate shop and the historic train station.

The entertainment onboard in the Princess Theatre or in the Explorers Lounge was some of the best entertainment I’ve seen, whether it be singing, dancing, karaoke, jugglers, comedians and everything else in between, it was always good.

Disembarkation Day is sad when your holiday is over but the Disembarkation process is smooth and you are given all the information you need to know prior to the day, if in doubt, the staff at the Passenger Service Desk will answer your questions.

In summary, I would love to repeat the cruise again as I had the best time. I loved it so much, I was thinking of how I could stowaway on the ship, that’s how much I loved it. It was my happy place in my ship bubble but all good things must come to an end. I highly recommend the cruise to others though and I hope that you have a wonderful time just like I did.

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Life Lessons…

Here’s a few things that I have learnt about life, so listen up the younger generation…

Kids, time may go slowly for you as you have to wait forever for your next birthday, or Christmas, or for some event you are eagerly awaiting but as you get older, time flies by, days just roll into one at times. I actually enjoy those days that simply drag.

Enjoy your childhood as you are only a child for such a very short time and you miss those years as an adult. I do love it when I get the chance to be a big kid though, being an adult isn’t always about being “grown up”, there is having some fun. Even when you are an adult, keep the “big kid” side of you. Just because you are an adult, doesn’t mean you have to always act like one.

Respect your elders and when the opportunity arises, ask them about their life, nothing better than a real life history lesson.

Life doesn’t revolve around those gadgets you have either. You can actually live without them. You can also live without Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or whatever other social media networking site you use too, trust me, I grew up in a time before those things and I did okay. You can actually miss things that are actually going on around you when you are constantly looking at a screen. I definitely precede the technology you enjoy today, and I live to talk about it. Going without my smartphone is for me liberating as no one can reach me… I enjoy going off the grid and not allowing my smartphone to rule my life so when I do back to my smartphone, the messages and whatever I’ve missed will be there ready for me to see it when I’m ready to see it…

Ah, yes, if you think you know everything, believe me, you don’t. We adults may be old but we do happen to know a lot more than you. We have experience, life lessons and a vast amount of knowledge. There are some things you can teach us but we can teach you more.

Another thing, if you want to try and pull a fast one on your parents to get something, forget it. Your parents are onto you already and they have probably tried the same things on their parents growing up but I will give you points for giving it a good try though 😉

Enjoy life as a kid because those times you will never get back.

Until next time…


Let’s Cruise…

Boy, it’s been some time since I’ve been here… sorry everyone but life just got in the way and decided to keep me pretty busy but here I am back to share some more with everyone who reads this humble little blog of mine… and thank you to those who do read it, I hope you enjoy what you read… ☺

I just thought it was time for a cruise update since I have under 6 months now before I go on my first ever cruise from Adelaide, Australia to New Zealand and back to Adelaide for 17 nights on board the Golden Princess.

In the time I haven’t updated this blog, I’ve gotten a passport, paid for the travel insurance, planned shore excursions, and met more people online from several different forums who will be on the same cruise and have regular chats with them, I hope I get to meet them once we are on the ship.

During our last cruise season when it was here, which starts in October and goes until April, I’ve seen at our local ship terminal at Outer Harbour the Ovation of the Seas, the Queen Mary 2, Radiance of the Seas and a couple of P&O ships that do cruises in local waters.

When Radiance of the Seas visited, it being roughly the same size as the Golden Princess, I walked the length of the ship from the roadside next to where the terminal is situated and back again to take photos of the ship and to get an idea of her size from one end of the ship to the other. The other thing was I wanted to see her next to the terminal so I could get an idea of how big she is. It did give me a relatable reference for the size of the Golden Princess in my mind, even if Radiance of the Seas is a newer ship and a different cruise line altogether.

When the cruise season returns to South Australia in October, I hope to go see at the Outer Harbour Terminal these ships when they visit our shores Sun Princess, Voyager of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas (for a second time) and Radiance of the Seas (for a second time).

I haven’t been on a cruise yet but I think I’m already addicted to cruising!

Until next time



This afternoon I went to see the ship Queen Mary 2 while it was in port at Outer Harbour in Adelaide, South Australia on its 4 month around the world cruise which began in January.

I saw the coach loads of people returning to the ship after a day of sightseeing around my home town and I’m sure they enjoyed going to the beach, shopping in the city, going to the wineries in the north of the city, sightseeing in the Adelaide Hills and wherever else they went to and spent their day while on port and enjoy being on land before going back on the ship and enjoying more of their cruise.

I stayed until the Queen Mary 2 was setting sail again and while the ship was leaving the pier, the band could be heard playing Rod Stewart’s song, “I am sailing” which I couldn’t help but have a giggle at.

As the ship was heading out to the open sea, hidden from my view on a dock near the water, a group of people were standing there. From the ship, the Australians on board started the “Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi” chant and the people standing on the dock joined in. That was a bit of fun, with an added, it can only happen in Australia.

The Queen Mary 2 blowing her horn 3 times was pretty awesome too as she is such a majestic looking ship. I would have loved to have been one of the people aboard her sailing even on a small leg of her journey just to say that I’ve sailed on her… one day… it’s on my bucket list anyway.

I love that more cruise ships are stopping at my home port as Adelaide, South Australia has something for everyone.

Enjoy the photos of Queen Mary 2

Until next time




Countdown to the cruise is on…

It’s been a while since I posted anything but it’s now 10 months to go before a friend and I are headed New Zealand bound on our round trip cruise.

We booked the cruise back in May 2016 and now wonder in February 2017, “Where did that time go? ” as the time has quickly passed by.

One of the things my friend and I did recently was to get on the Princess Cruises site and take a look at the shore excursions available. We can’t book them yet, not for another few months but it didn’t stop me from taking screen shots on my tablet of the shore excursions we were interested in. We also took a look at the drinks packages available as well.

Still have a ton of things to do before we go away, like getting a passport but it will be done.

Also have downloaded travel guides for New Zealand, especially the ports we will be visiting while on the cruise in case my friend and I want to do our own thing while on land. It’s good to have options I think.

As each month passes, the excitement rises but this being a first cruise for my friend and I, it’s all about learning from others about everything cruise related and their experiences which adds to the excitement, I think.

Another exciting thing is that the cruise starts and ends at my home port, so don’t have to fly anywhere. Bonus.

Here’s to the good part of looking forward to the going away to another part of the world on a cruise ship.

Let the good times roll and keep on building up the excitement.

If you have any cruise tips, be glad to hear them.

Until next time


Today a friend and I went to the Outer Harbour Cruise Terminal today as Ovation of the Seas is in port for its first voyage into Australian waters on its repositioning cruise from Singapore to Sydney as it stopped in Adelaide.

I think half of Adelaide came out to see this ship today as it is such a nice day weather wise and ships that come to Adelaide are such a big draw card. I’m happy that over the next few years more cruise ships will stop here in Adelaide.


The cruising life…

While I still have some time to go before I go on my first cruise in January 2018, I thought I would check out a few of the cruise sites and forums that are on the internet and get some tips that a first time cruiser needs to know before they get onto the ship. I like to be prepared. I even joined up with a couple of forums, Cruise Critic, (a number 1 cruise forum that has been around for many years and has many members)  and cruiseline.com, the people who have the Shipmate app, a fabulous app by the way as it’s packed with lots of information regarding all ships and cruises with an interactive community, just like Cruise Critic.

If you haven’t tried out these forums, get on board  (pun intended) and enjoy the community and the shared information offered and received, it’s worth it.

One of the welcomes I got on one post I made on Cruise Critic by a member, said “welcome to the forum and your new addiction”, it made me chuckle because I think that after this cruise, there will be more 😊

I have also taken note of how many people I know personally have, will be, or are currently on a cruise and the number I added up is 8 people and I bet there’s a few more I forgot or have yet to book a cruise as well in the future. Some of them have been on cruises previously and are going on a second, third, fourth cruise. One person is booked for her 7th cruise in February next year and she’s already thinking of where her next cruise will be after that. Yep, I think the person who  welcomed me to that forum was correct in saying, “welcome to your new addiction” as I can see myself going on more cruises in the future.

Are there any other good sites or forums I should know about? Or other blogs than the ones I follow here? Please let me know.

Until next time