The cruising life…

While I still have some time to go before I go on my first cruise in January 2018, I thought I would check out a few of the cruise sites and forums that are on the internet and get some tips that a first time cruiser needs to know before they get onto the ship. I like to be prepared. I even joined up with a couple of forums, Cruise Critic, (a number 1 cruise forum that has been around for many years and has many members)  and, the people who have the Shipmate app, a fabulous app by the way as it’s packed with lots of information regarding all ships and cruises with an interactive community, just like Cruise Critic.

If you haven’t tried out these forums, get on board  (pun intended) and enjoy the community and the shared information offered and received, it’s worth it.

One of the welcomes I got on one post I made on Cruise Critic by a member, said “welcome to the forum and your new addiction”, it made me chuckle because I think that after this cruise, there will be more 😊

I have also taken note of how many people I know personally have, will be, or are currently on a cruise and the number I added up is 8 people and I bet there’s a few more I forgot or have yet to book a cruise as well in the future. Some of them have been on cruises previously and are going on a second, third, fourth cruise. One person is booked for her 7th cruise in February next year and she’s already thinking of where her next cruise will be after that. Yep, I think the person who  welcomed me to that forum was correct in saying, “welcome to your new addiction” as I can see myself going on more cruises in the future.

Are there any other good sites or forums I should know about? Or other blogs than the ones I follow here? Please let me know.

Until next time



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